The concept of winning opportunities

Win the competition, the Blue Ocean Strategy

There are two references from professors who I still remembered him. Namely Blue Ocean Strategy and Win the competition. He said it from a book. I was idly searching. Met, the book Blue Ocean Strategy. The work of W. Chan Kim and Renee Mouborgne. Publish in 2005.

Of course I have not read the book, because the last time I went to the bookstore that was 2 years ago (plak). For those who want to deepen and learn it correctly so you should read the book. Which will be described here only wild version only. Continue reading

Evidence first before talking

We are born with the ability to utilize almost all of our senses. Not only that, the harmonization of the use of our senses it is also dependent on the environment and other people. When we naturally feel at home in a particular place with someone. Unconsciously, we can linger in a place with people, and to open our mouths wide open (lots of talking) while when in a particular place together with people we feel the difference, opposition, we can silence as if he did not want the bodies we are there.

Speaking also at this time does not merely use the mouth as a verbal language. However, the writing was, we are considered to be “talking”. sms, e-mails, letters, facebook updates, twitter tweets ts, tr, blog. Problems arise when we have the same idea we had never tried. That is, we feel the need for proof (try) first before we post it to be read by others. Continue reading

His Online Trick and Notes